Of Insanity And Justice

Retrospective into Chaos Vol.1


Cosmic Intuition

Thumbnail At You, Master

Edge Of Time

Chaos - Pilgrimage

Band History

Album Lineup
Vocals - Hideaki Niwa
Electric guitars - Hiroshi Omoto
Electric guitars - Kazuaki Horie
Bass & keyboards - Makoto Unno
Drums - Kazuhisa Yoshimura

01. Judgement Day 1:17
02. Tease Of Influence 4:54
03. Prisoner Of Fate 4:25
04. Blame & Praise 5:15
05. Kingdom Fall (Suicidal Wind) 6:19
06. Under The Strain 5:15
07. The Silent Majority 8:30
08. Burn In Agony 5:32
09. The Edge Of Time 2:44
10. The Wondering Traveller 6:19

Produced by VIGILANTE
Co-produced by Noriko Ogata
Recorded, mixed and mastered at VIGILANTE studio
Engineered by Hiroshi Omoto
Mixed by Hiroshi Omoto and Makoto Unno
Mastered by Hiroshi Omoto with T.C. Electronic Finalizer
Photography by Akiko Adachi
Cover painting by Rainer Kalwitz
Booklet design by Markus Schmitz