Of Insanity And Justice

Retrospective into Chaos Vol.1


Cosmic Intuition

Thumbnail At You, Master

Edge Of Time

Chaos - Pilgrimage

Band History

Retrospective into Chaos Vol.1
<レトロスペクティブ・イントゥー・ケイオス ボリューム1>

Album Lineup
All vocals - Hideaki Niwa
Electric guitars - Hiroshi Omoto
Electric guitars - Kazuaki Horie
Bass - Makoto Unno
Drums - Shunji Fujino

01. Tease Of Influence (2010 version) 4:36
02. Prisoner Of Fate (2010 version) 4:06
03. A Vision Of A Parallel World 6:17
  (Live from Orgasm Metal Lesson3)  

Produced by VIGILANTE